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FEP PTFE PFA lined discharge ball valve

  • Port size:1/2"~12" (DN15~DN300)
  • Pressure:PN10-PN16 CL150
  • Structure:Full FEP PTFE PFA lined
  • Medium:Corrosive medium
  • Temperature :-29~180℃
  • Body material:WCB,CF8,CF8M+FEP PTFE PFA lined
  • Connection:Flange
  • Feature:For tank discharge function
FEP PTFE PFA lined discharge ball valve introduction
FEP PTFE PFA lined discharge ball valve is mainly used for the bottom discharge of reactors, storage tanks and other containers. By means of the bottom flange of the valve, FEP PTFE PFA lined discharge ball valve is connected to the bottom of storage tanks and other containers, thus eliminating the residual phenomenon of process media usually at the outlet of containers.According to the actual situation needs, FEP PTFE PFA lined discharge ball valve can be divided into the discharge ball valve and up and down the discharge valve, the discharge ball valve can be divided into oblique port discharge valve and port discharge valve.FEP PTFE PFA lined discharge ball valve works with the medium contact place is lined with corrosion resistant fluorine plastic, the product can withstand except "molten alkali metal and element fluorine" any corrosive medium, in the chemical industry, petroleum, food, iron and steel smelting, papermaking, water and electricity, environmental assurance and other industries are used.Various operating modes, such as manual, pneumatic, electric, etc.Lining materials: FEP, PTFE PFA, GXPO, etc.Driving mode: manual, worm gear, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic.
The working principle of FEP PTFE PFA lined discharge ball valve is to make the valve unblocked or blocked by rotating ball. The inside of ball valve disc and ball valve body are all made of fluorine plastic lining process. It has the advantages of light switch, small volume, reliable sealing, simple structure, convenient maintenance and wide use range.

FEP PTFE PFA lined discharge ball valve performance
Connection Form: Flange
Nominal Pressure: PN10-PN16 CL150
Size: 1/2"~12" (DN15~DN300)
Structure: Floating Ball Valve
Function: Discharge Valve
Application: Industrial Usage
Materials: WCB,CF8 CF8M+FEP PTFE PFA lined
Material: Carbon Steel, CF8, CF8m, CF3, CF3m, Ductile Iron
Driving Mode: Manual
Channel: Straight Through Type
FEP PTFE PFA lined discharge ball valve feature

Small fluid resistance, fast opening and closing speed, simple structure
Chemical stability, can be applied to any strong corrosive chemical medium;
With full size, floating ball structure, the valve can be closed without leakage in the whole pressure range, which is more convenient for the pipeline system to sweep the line through the ball and pipeline maintenance;
The ball of the opening and closing parts is integrated with stem casting (forging), which will not cause the possibility of stem impact in the bearing parts due to pressure change;
Compact and reasonable structure, small body cavity space, reduce the retention of media, in addition, the special molding process, so that the sealing surface density is good.
FEP PTFE PFA lined discharge ball valve application
Ultra Pure Water
Phosphatic Fertilizer
Clean Liquids and Gases
Corrosive Liquids and Gases
Hazardous Liquids and Gases
Viscous Liquids
Vacuum Service
Strong Oxidizing Agents
Organic Solvents

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